Easy Christmas Tree Drawing with Pastel

by Zamali
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This short easy tutorial of a Christmas Tree Drawing was created for the Theme of the month (December 2020) challenge at Drawing Ideas Art Club. The theme was: Greeting cards and Cardmaking for Christmas and the holiday season.

The challenge was a simple draw or paint a greeting card, using any medium and submit it in the group for voting before the end of December.

I hope you find this tutorial easy enough to follow and if you can, share below in the comments any greeting cards you have made.

The benefits of Drawing or Painting using Oil Pastel

Oil Pastel is fast to use. Especially for someone who likes drawing, using Pastel is much easier and quicker than Oil Painting. In addition, they are easy to blend, if you just add a drop of linseed oil you can blend oil pastel just like Oil Paint. A good book on Oil Pastels: Oil Pastel for the Serious Beginner

Drawing a Christmas Tree using Oil Pastel

Step 1: Create some rough guides for the shape of the tree. This will be helpful to stay within the shape and avoid messy corrections of Oil-based paint.

Step 2: Using the Dark green oil pastel, start to draw very loosely and in a rough manner inside the shape of the tree. Save the negative space between the branches and stay within the drawn boundaries.

Step 3: Start introducing lighter shades of green pastel. Then, using the sharp edge of the pastel, lightly create the top outline to give the impression of snow tops.

Finally: Use some Titanium white Oil paint, to create some highlights.

I hope have found this useful and get to use the technique to paint a Christmas card. Below is a video tutorial.

Christmas tree drawing video tutorial

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