USK Sketching Greenwich The Importance of the”Right” Perspective

by Zamali
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Today I join USK event to sketch Greenwich area.

I arrived at this USK event bit late and missed the first meet up, So I walked around to see if I can meet some artists. While walking by the river, I saw an interesting angle to the Royal Naval College

I immediately knew this was an unusual and very interesting angle of view to that building, and the reason is the Thames river at this exact spot curves in for about 15meters and this allows a bit more detail on the two-point perspective view. Still, I’ve walked around the building little more as I always do (to get to know the subject) and see if there is a better or more interesting point of view. 
I didn’t find a better location to do my sketch, this spot where I first saw the building had the best angle and the least crowd.

You can see below the stages of the final artwork from the first feel light drawing (I will write a spot about this in future and the importance that I make a quick rough sketch before I start any artwork)

The final artwork took 1hr approximately and 15min of initial observation and study walk around the area. 

This event in Greenwich was organised by USK London, part of the Global Urban Sketchers Community. 

If you are into sketching I’m pretty sure you’ve heard or for sure have attended at least Urban Sketchers events, I’ve joined many groups and communities before, USK has to be one of the best-organised community that is run by volunteers. 
So this below is my participation at the past Sunday Urban Sketchers in Greenwich event.

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