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Perspective Drawing Of Chatham Synagogue Building

by Zamali
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I made this architectural perspective drawing of the Chatham Synagogue, during a regular art event day out with Rochester and West Kent Art Society, UK – (A great art society with regular exhibitions and events, if you are in the areas of Medway and West Kent).

I have always been fascinated by historic architecture and drawings of buildings. It’s one of my favourite topics to draw and the one subject that I’ve probably sketched the most in my artistic life.

In this post, I share with you a few pictures taken on that day while I was drawing this magnificent building. You can see more of my process and inspiration for drawing buildings here and my portfolio of Architectural Drawings

Step-by-step process of Drawing the Chatham Synagogue Building

Chatham Synagogue was built in 1869, this is a grade 2 listed building in the baroque style by Hyman Collins.

chatham synagogue featuring drawing by nab zamali
Drawing featured on The Chatham Synagogue Website (August 2022)

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